Lexington Counseling

In an Emergency


To contact your therapist by phone, call the number below:

  • Beth Baldwin, LMHC                 781-405-4431


If your therapist is unavailable, leave a confidential message.  Your therapist is usually able to return phone calls the day they are made. You will not be charged for brief phone calls.


If, during an emergency, you feel that you cannot safely wait for a return call, follow this protocol.


  • If the situation is violent or life-treatening - Call 911


  • If you want to talk with someone to figure out what to do next or to help you stay calm - Call Advocates 24/7 @ 1-800-540-5806


  • If you want to be in a safe place while you wait for a call back go to the nearest Emergency Room and check-in with the medical personnel