Lexington Counseling

Counseling Services


Lexington Counseling offers counseling and psychotherapy services to children, adolescents, adults, and families.  At Lexington Counseling, we provide help to you when you are dealing with:

    • Life problems
    • Parent-child conflict
    • Family unhappiness
    • Sibling problems
    • Marital/partner discord, fighting, infidelity 
    • Divorce, separation, blending families
    • Emotional dysregulation, fluctuating moods
    • Sexual orientation, sexual identity
    • Gender identity
    • Work or school challenges
    • Feeling out of control
    • Problems with work, changing jobs/careers
    • Coping with military deployment and post deployment
    • Stress, worry, anxiety
    • Relationship issues, problems with socializing
    • Pervasive developmental delay, Asperger's Disorder
    • Depression, sadness, grief, loss
    • Change
    • Difficult life circumstances
    • Culture clash, generational discord
    • Trying to figure out what is normal

We help you, your child or your family to identify sources of unhappiness, such as anxiety, depression, difficult past or present life circumstances and/or fractious relationships. By talking through the possible routes to recovery, you can become in charge of new behaviors that move you toward a happier life. Lexington Counseling provides a safe and comfortable environment where you can work through challenges, learn and practice new skills, and start feeling better.


Contact us at 781-862-8621 or send an e-mail to bb@lexingtoncounseling.net