Lexington Counseling



Lexington Counseling is a psychotherapy practice located in Lexington, Massachusetts.  We welcome clients from any town and of all ages, including children, adolescents, young adults, adults, and families.


Our experience has shown us that people can feel better, improve their relationships, and feel more in control of their lives.  By working with you in counseling (we use therapy and counseling interchangeably) to get to know your strengths and your problem areas, we identify a treatment plan that will support your agenda for better mental health. We use evidence-based treatment to make the most of your time.  


We offer a comfortable and private environment. The practice space is large enough for a family or for a group, with items from play therapy materials to a small library of books for biblio-therapy.  


Also located in our building are Lexington Pediatrics and two dentists, so no client needs to feel that by coming in to 19 Muzzey Street they are announcing to the world that they need therapy.


As a practice, working with peers who are Licensed Mental Health Counselors (LMHC) and Licensed Independent Clinical Social Workers (LICSW), we have many skill sets and treatment modalities that we can bring to your treatment.  This means that we can work with multiple members of a family to support each individually and objectively and to collaborate to best effect across the family system.  

We can help you to get the most benefit out of your PPO, POS, or indemnity insurance plan.  We do this by providing you with a statement with the data your insurance company requires for reimbursement. We understand how important it is to know what is in your records, and we will work with you regarding what and how much information is shared with your insurance provider.


Some clients wish to use their benefits savings card or health savings account for payment.  Therapy is a good use of those funds. Lexington Counseling takes Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Your receipts contains the information you need for submission for reimbursement to these benefit accounts.


We are at #19 Muzzey Street, which is halfway between Lexington High School and downtown Lexington.  We chose this location for several reasons:

  • There is parking for adults or families attending sessions in the town parking immediately accross the road from 19 Muzzey
  • High school students can get to their appointments themselves during a free period or after school
  • If desired and parents permit, older kids can take LEXPRESS, Lexington's neighborhood minibus system, to and from the Depot, which is at the top of Muzzey Street (http://ci.lexington.ma.us/DPW/lexpress.cfm)
  • If parents permit, older kids can go downtown or to the library before or after a session
  • Clients before or after session, or parents waiting for their children, can get their errands done and support local merchants 
  • Nearby Rancatores ice cream, Candy Castle, and Starbucks are perfect post-therapy motivators for those who are less than keen on attending therapy